User interface of the MS Paint program, in its Windows 98 iteration.

Like many who are in this line of work today, my fascination with computer graphics started on this fascinating little machine called a “computer”. My parents thought this weird new tool seemed like a good thing to learn, and brought a Windows 98 machine to the guest room in…

A path in golden lighting.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Or, golden paths, more accurately. Let me back up.

Babylon.js 5.0 Is Coming…

…and this will be, by far, the biggest release we’ve ever had. We have more features than ever, more tools than ever, more speed than ever, and more supported platforms than ever.

And yet, overwhelmingly, we keep seeing Babylon used in…

There was a time where rendering text with a computer was the top of the available technology. I’m not even speaking about text on screen, but text on paper.
What we take for granted today with high res screens, crisp fonts and invisible contour was pure science fiction some decades ago.

One of the most used features in AR is placing a virtual object in a real environment. Whether using hit-testing or the experimental plane detection, WebXR already offers you the ability to do that. The best examples are always furniture shops placing models of their furniture in your environment. We…


Babylon.js: Powerful, Beautiful, Simple, Open — Web-Based 3D At Its Best.

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