Hello Everyone 😁

My name is Sahil, and I am a summer intern on the Babylon.js team! In this post, I will be introducing myself, and then I will be giving a little sneak peek into what I have been doing during the internship.

Who am I?

Well, I am a 21-year-old from Toronto, Ontario (Canada). I was born in India but moved here when I was three years old.

I found my passion for programming at a very young age, and I just knew I had to pursue this as a career. …

Last week was quite an adventure. There I was thinking oh “what am I going to do for my Babylon.js demo next week??” For those who don’t know me, I’m the GUI girl for Babylon! I love GUI; demos, twitter posts, the upcoming GUI editor, I love everything GUI…but I think it was time to try something a little bit different. Lo and behold I was recommended, “Why not try photogrammetry?!” “Photowha — “ “Photonemone — ?” There I was lost and confused like Nemo from the Disney movie. What started as a simple recommendation became a mini adventure of…

Hi all! 👋

My name is Darragh Burke, and I’m a Software Engineer on the Babylon Native team. I am a recent college graduate and I’m returning from an internship with Babylon last summer. I’d like to tell you a bit about my journey to the Babylon team, why I came back from full time, and why I’m excited about the future of the project.

Me at Lake Tahoe in Northern California

My background

The first time I ever wrote code was in an application called GameMaker 7. I was 8 years old and didn’t know the first thing about writing code, but the application allowed anyone to drag…

Photo by Stanislav Klimanskii on Unsplash

discreta: Collective noun referring to the elements of a discrete set (as opposed to a continuum). Yes, I did just make this word up. I needed it; I couldn’t find a better one.

Rendering vegetation is hard. (Disclaimer: I am not an expert and do not actually know if rendering vegetation is hard.) Rendering a single solid entity, especially a fairly simple one, is straightforward: you just make a 3D model of it, then render it. Similarly, rendering assorted continua is, though perhaps not straightforward, quite well-understood: path tracing and screen-space volumetric techniques both explore ways to render arbitrary continua…

Bringing the audio to everywhere.

In all the various permutations of multimedia experiences it goes without saying that sound is the secret to immersion. Sound is essential for setting the expectations of your audience. Whether its via passively establishing the tone or happenings in your experience with background music and sound effects, or actively providing verbal and non-verbal feedback, sound is a core part of the communication of ideas and concepts.

Especially in the horror genre! Audio is used to great effect in aiding the activation of the fear response in the audience throughout many works.

Where does that leave the humble Babylon Native team?

In a bit of a pickle initially. The Babylon.js…

ACE stands for Animation Curve Editor and it is a new editor we are planning to ship with Babylon.js 5.0.

Why do we need an animation curve editor?

Animations in almost all contexts could be really tricky to create if you do not have a tool. Think about any game you played: the hero has to jump, roll, dash, use a weapon, grab an object. All of these actions have to be represented by animations of the main character and its environment.

Example of a sequence of multiple animations

Without a tool , describing the complex sequence of movements involved by a simple jump could be simply not doable unless you have an infinite patience…

When most people think of Babylon.js, they think of it as a powerful, beautiful, simple and open game engine. It’s true, there are a ton of amazing games created with Babylon and it comes with many features you’d find in other popular game engines as well. However you might find it surprising to know that Babylon.js powers countless other types of online experiences as well.

A recent blog post of ours talks about Babylon.js being used in e-commerce experiences, and an exciting update to a remote collaboration tool called Frame shows how Babylon can be used to power rich, immersive…

In a recent conversation about XR, a colleague and I were talking about the various current and upcoming features available for VR and AR experiences. Specifically, we were discussing multi-feature experiences — experiences that want to leverage more than one XR capability at a time — and so my colleague proposed a question: “Can there ever be an experience which needs both teleportation and anchors?”

This was an extremely interesting question — even more so than we realized at first. At the time, we understood teleportation to be a VR-only feature. We defined teleportation to be the instantaneous change of…

Like most kids, growing up, I would often get lost in “play.” You know “play.” It’s what happens when the world fades away. When time becomes meaningless. Hours, days, weekends lost to the joy of being completely absorbed into something so fun and engaging that NOTHING else matters.

I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up alongside an amazing brother. Through our shared experiences, I’ve come to understand and deeply appreciate a new perspective about “play.”

  1. “Play” looks different for every child and that is beautiful.
  2. “Play” changes and evolves.
  3. “Play” is unending.

“Play” looks different for every child and…

Following on the footsteps of this post describing a “fun” debugging session, Popov72 had the luck… or not… to face another similar worth sharing situation recently.

It all started there: GitHub Issue

Keep calm and have fun with Math

Issue Summary

Most of the time in our Babylon.js scenes, the world origin is placed in the center of the scene with 1 scene unit representing 1 meter in real life. This is perfect to create human scaled world such as First Person Shooters. All positions / measures would be in a ball park of 0.01m to 100m. …


Babylon.js: Powerful, Beautiful, Simple, Open — Web-Based 3D At Its Best. https://www.babylonjs.com/

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