A Tale of a Bug

That was it, it all works !!!

So we now have two modes in Babylon to allow either an accurate representation or a fast rendering. You can try them on your own in the inspector by toggling on and off the “Spherical Harmonics” button.



A new bug report arose. This basically stated that the values we submitted to the GPU were the wrong ones. YUP, A TINY TYPO and two of the 9 terms were always wrong in our previous fast compute mode.


  • The community is the most precious part of development. Without them we would have been rendering incorrectly for a long time.
  • I enjoyed every part of the emotional roller coaster and learned a lot by doing a proper in depth analysis.
  • Every bug is a nice learning opportunity.
  • Our PBR can now live happily ever after!!!
  • I gave my daughters a big hug and celebrated the birthday for days!!!



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