Performance improvement is a never-ending project

Photo by Julian Hochgesang

Material sorting

The main one was mostly due to an incorrect assumption I did when I started Babylon.js (eons ago). I believed that sorting meshes would be less optimal than making sure we can reduce context changes (by sorting meshes by material). I was wrong and my mistake was to simply not challenge my assumption and do a simple test. It is never too late to improve ;)

Developer art
Disabling material sorting

Unleashing the power of parallel shader compilation

This one was initiated by a user complaining that loading a scene in 5.0 was slower than in 4.2 (which should never happen :))

Avoiding V8 deoptimizations

One thing that was painful to find was the fact that our main object (the Mesh class) seemed slow. But not in a consistent way. More something that we saw when having scene with a lot of meshes. These scenes were simply slower on all aspects of the engine (compared to 4.2).

And a few more

If you are curious, you can see the list of tiny other improvements we did on the main repo:



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