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3 min readJan 20, 2022


User interface of the MS Paint program, in its Windows 98 iteration.

Like many who are in this line of work today, my fascination with computer graphics started on this fascinating little machine called a “computer”. My parents thought this weird new tool seemed like a good thing to learn, and brought a Windows 98 machine to the guest room in our house. And there I spent countless hours, doodling away on MS Paint, playing all the edutainment games I could and anxiously staring at flash games loading screens (who remembers Orisinal games? Gosh, these were AMAZING!).

A screenshot of the game “A Dog For All Seasons”, from Orisinal Games.

I had a vague notion that all of these cool experiences were made through something called “programming”, but I didn’t actually learn what it was like until college. And what a WORLD it is! From C to Java to Python, to Rust, Haskell and Closure… so many different tools and flavors to accomplish tasks that would be unimaginable to even the best mathematicians and engineers of 100 years ago. It’s incredible how humanity can evolve so fast by the communal sharing of knowledge. And sharing is something we here at the Babylon.js team enjoy immensely!

The “Questions” sections of the Babylon.js forum.

It’s been really an incredible experience, working professionally on an open-source project that has such a warm, kind community like Babylon’s. Our forum is the central hub of this collaborative environment, and browsing the Questions section daily, just to see users helping and encouraging each other (and of course, help where I can!), might be even better than a cup of warm coffee to start the day (don’t let my coffee maker hear this!).

And to help this community even more, the Babylon.js team has been focused on some great new tools for the next release: Babylon 5.0. I participated in two of these: the Animation Curve Editor (ACE) — a simple tool to create and edit animations in real time — and the Performance Profiler — a tool to keep track of metrics affecting your scene performance. They’re still growing and evolving, so if you like them, or if you spot a bug or if want something to be added, please let us, the team, know on the forums! Feedback is how we all grow. ❤

Carolina Herbster — Babylon.js Team

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