Summer Internship Adventures: A bit about me and my project.

Who am I?

HackThisSite, which was one of the websites I used back in the day!
A screenshot from one of the games I made, which Deadops Arcade inspired
Me back in my first year, taking a random pic!
Course sequence showing 5 coop sequences embedded into the program and a total length of 4 years and a trimester.
My program’s course sequence.
Me (on the left) with one of my friends from the garage internship (on the right)

What have I been doing in my internship?

The current way to look at performance statistics
A visual to give a rough idea of what I am trying to build. UI will be different.
The equation for min-max normalization taken from the Azure ML docs
Graphing real-time fps data. I am labeling using the well-known nice-labels algorithm.
Real-time fps (red) and GPU frame time (blue) data graphed.

Concluding thoughts



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