Unleash your animations with ACE

Why do we need an animation curve editor?

Animations in almost all contexts could be really tricky to create if you do not have a tool. Think about any game you played: the hero has to jump, roll, dash, use a weapon, grab an object. All of these actions have to be represented by animations of the main character and its environment.

Example of a sequence of multiple animations
Accessing ACE from the Inspector
ACE in action

How does it work?

ACE will give you access to the current animations attached to an entity (I will add support for Animation Groups and Skeletons very soon).

Animation curves for a Vector3 property
Curve manipulation using tangents

What’s next?

We still have a lot of quality checks to do to make sure we can reliably use ACE but this is already a great start. I must admit I can spend a lot of time now playing with complex animations. There is something almost mesmerizing to play with the curves and see in real-time the objects animate subsequently ;)



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