What’s new for Node Material in Babylon.js v5.0


This was an ask from the community since the inception of the Node Material :)

Example of a And logical test


The CloudBlock is a new block to let you generate fractal brownian motion clouds:

A typical use of the CloudBlock
A clouded cube

Custom blocks

Custom blocks are a new AMAZING concept that was brought to us by our incredible community.

A custom block declaration
A NME toolbar with 2 additional custom blocks


The ImageSource is a new block introduced to let the developers reuse texture content with multiple TextureBlocks (samplers).

Using an ImageSource to share resources between 2 TextureBlocks

Swizzling support

Swizzling is the capacity we have in shader to remix the vectors’ channels.

A VectorMerger with its swizzles setup (the vector will be read as vector.yyxx)


Even though this one is purely cosmetic, I have to admit I love it deeply.

Two elbows used to clean and control the graph visual flow

And many more…

These examples are only the one I personally picked. We added even more features and fixes for the Node Material (support for Scene depth, material alpha, clip planes, parallax occlusion, etc…).



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