Babylon Native: Continuing the Journey

Time flies! Almost two years have passed since we announced the Babylon Native project and it has been steadily gaining attention while we flush out all the capabilities.

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Who is using Babylon Native?

We now have multiple teams working with us on the Babylon Native effort. An additional team from Power Apps has started working with the core team who have, for instance, contributed code to flush out AR feature points for iOS. A team from HoloLens has also joined the effort to bring Babylon Native to the HoloLens 2 device which has resulted in contributions like Babylon React Native for Windows and V8 debugging support. Some members of the community are trying to make games using Babylon React Native. We have even added Linux support as requested by the community a while back.

Contributors to BabylonJS/BabylonNative · GitHub

Foundation Improvements

There have also been a number of foundational advancements since the start of the project. The core team has been iterating and learning while trying to solidify the foundations.

Rendering Updates

Babylon Native rendering at its core is all about translating the Babylon.js engine calls into the native rendering API calls for the target device or platform. Getting this right has been challenging to say the least. To understand how all of this works, we need to understand Babylon.js, WebGL, WebXR, shader transpilation, bgfx, and how rendering works on browsers.

Performance Challenges

Performance can mean many different things. Some of the main ones are runtime FPS, memory usage, disk footprint, and power usage. For Babylon Native, we strive to achieve the best case for all of these as much as we can, but some parts have been challenging to overcome.

Upcoming Features


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